Good Morning Britain

The former Good Morning Britain presenter had his say on his former co-host Susanna Reid's interview with the prime minister.
The PM came under fire for how he dealt with a question on Good Morning Britain about Elsie, 77, who rides the bus all day as she can’t afford heating.
Susanna Reid noted researchers would "go through your answers with a fine-tooth comb".
The PM was taken to task over his statements on partygate in his first interview on Good Morning Britain in five years.
"Who's Lorraine?" the PM asked during his Good Morning Britain interview.
The comedian says there's good reason he "always throws Piers Morgan under the bus" on stage.
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"I don’t know whether I can leap up and hug you but I’m going to. Thank you so much."
The divisive presenter left Good Morning Britain amid controversy in March 2021.