Sunday Brunch Sees Fleabag's Sian Clifford Shout "F**k" Live On Air Before Ridiculous Keith Lemon Interview

It was quite the morning on Channel 4.

Let’s just get one thing clear: We’re big fans of Sunday Brunch.

But it’s fair to say that things are often far from easy for the show’s hosts, Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy, largely thanks to the games, hungover guests and general propensity for silliness.

Today’s show saw things reach a whole new level though and perhaps surprisingly, Keith Lemon wasn’t the guest who made the biggest faux pas.

Sian's face said it all
Sian's face said it all
Channel 4

We’ll chat about him a minute but for now, let’s start with Fleabag’s Sian Clifford, who plays the lead character’s slightly uptight sister, Claire.

Sian was taking part in a teabag-throwing contest during this morning’s episode and it’s fair to say things were pretty tense.

When she messed up her throw, Sian was clearly gutted – a fact made clear when she yelled “fuck” after missing.

We know, we know, it’s offensive to swear on live morning TV. But it’s also hilarious, OK?

Oh, Sian. What would Claire say?

As you can see, host Tim apologised immediately while a mortified Sian gasped and promptly keeled over laughing (which is exactly what we would have done too).

Tim and Simon were probably wishing the show’s bookers had planned things slightly differently as straight after Sian’s swearing incident, they had to sit down for a live interview with Keith Lemon who is hard work at the best of times.

As he is for all of his interviews, Leigh Francis was fully in character and couldn’t wait to make things more awkward for the hosts, joking about shouting another swearword.

At the top of his voice, Keith yelled multiple words beginning with “F”, as a clearly on edge Simon and Tim prayed he wouldn’t land them in hot water again.

By the end of that interview, Tim and Simon had their heads in their hands and could barely speak.

We hope they have something relaxing like a spa visit planned for this afternoon.

This isn’t the first time the cookery show has veered into unexpected territory and it was Simon who was previously left red-faced when viewers noticed his trousers had split.

And given the timing of the programme, it often plays host to a hungover guest or two and Professor Green’s post-night out appearance last year will take some beating.


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