'Sunday Brunch' Guest Helen Monk Stunned As Knife 'Flies Across Kitchen'

When 'Sunday Brunch' turns into the 'House Of Flying Daggers'.

A rather bizarre incident took place in the most recent edition of ‘Sunday Brunch’, when a rather large kitchen knife appeared to fly through the studio and wound up in the middle of the floor.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

On Sunday (17 September), presenter Tim Lovejoy was chatting to actress Helen Monks, when there was suddenly an almighty clatter from across the room.

The noise stopped a visibly shocked Helen in her tracks, and as the camera panned out to show some errant cutlery in the middle of the studio floor, she gasped: “Did a knife just fly across the kitchen?”

Helen did little to mask her shock
Helen did little to mask her shock
Channel 4

In an attempt to restore some calm, Tim tried to tell her she was mistaken, at which point a fellow guest entered to retrieve it, to which chef Simon Rimmer joked: “Safety first in the kitchen, everyone. Safety first.”

Simon is currently gearing up for his first ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ live show, and HuffPost UK recently caught up with him about his upcoming stint.

During our chat, he confessed his wife really isn’t concerned about the ‘Strictly’ curse, and admitted that hosting a live show the day after a Saturday night isn’t always ideal.

While he insisted he’d never hosted ‘Sunday Brunch’ hungover, he did say: “I’ve done it without sleep.

“A few months ago I did the show after two hours sleep because I was at a charity do on the Saturday night in Cumbria and so I promised to host it as it was memorial for a dear friend of mine. So I came down to London for 3am and was in the studio by 6am.”

‘Sunday Brunch’ airs every Sunday from 9.30am on Channel 4.

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