Sunday Brunch

We definitely weren't expecting an X-rated version of the Sunday Brunch theme tune as we tucked into our cornflakes.
The presenter got a bit too excited as he opened Sunday's show, leading to a little accident.
After comedian Jon Richardson was served a ghee-based dal on Sunday Brunch, vegans share their frustrations.
Comedian Jon Richardson accidentally ate Massor dhal, which contained clarified butter ghee.
Not the show you want to be on when you still feel a bit iffy from the night before.
A year on from her jungle victory, Scarlett is currently gearing up to return Down Under later this month. However, this
'The more glitter, the more sparkles, the more see-through tops and flared trousers the better!'
The chances are that if you’ve ever spent a lazy Sunday glued to your sofa in front of the box, then you’ve probably tuned
'This is the most awkward thing I've ever watched.'
However, Sam was quick to defend herself against the online abuse, telling the “haters” to “bore off” in a series of tweets
An abortion joke brought ‘Sunday Brunch’ to a brief halt over the weekend, leaving Tim Lovejoy to recover from the awkward
‘Sunday Brunch’ viewers were left feeling a bit green after today’s show, when guest David Gower licked his fingers after