‘Sunday Brunch’ Viewers Get More Of Simon Rimmer Than They Bargained For After Host Splits Trousers In Unfortunate Place


Honestly, some celebs will do anything to boost ratings.

Flashing a bif flesh didn’t do Charles Venn any harm on last night’s ‘Strictly’ (thank you Charles), and now last year’s contestant Simon Rimmer has got in on the act during today’s ‘Sunday Brunch’.

Eagle-eyed viewers couldn’t help but notice Simon had a hole in his jeans as he presented the Channel 4 show.

And it was in a rather unfortunate position...

Cue the inevitable double entendre....

Wry observations...

And genuine concern...

We’re assured it’s actually Simon’s inner thigh on display, but at least he eventually noticed things were getting a little drafty down there.

He told viewers: “I’ve ripped them right there. Charles Venn, last night on Strictly in Blackpool, everyone was going crazy for his abs. I thought, you know what, I’ll go inner thigh, get our ratings up.”


We’re surprised anyone even noticed Simon’s denim faux pas, what with all the chatter about guest Prue Leith’s fabulous statement necklace.

Unlike us, not everyone was a fan...

Professor Green brought a whole new meaning to his stage name on last week’s ‘Sunday Brunch’.

The British rapper’s Sunday struggle on the live show made for uncomfortably relatable morning viewing.

“Just to warn you, I’m going to be extremely hung over,” he tweeted the previous evening.

By the time the he got to the show on Sunday morning, it seemed his prophecy had come true.

“What was I drinking last night? There was a lot of tequila, a few old-fashioneds” the Professor admitted to hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer.

Fellow guests joked that his hangover was “getting progressively worse” as the show went on – seeing Stephen’s delicate state aggravated by having to try each dish made on the show.

“I might need a sick bucket,” he admitted.

Always drink responsibly, people.

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