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It's not just gags about s**t and sexual misadventures – Jack Rooke's coming-of-age comedy is also a sitcom with something to say.
The culture secretary said she “gets on really well” with Cathy Newman but appeared to take aim at Jon Snow for shouting “F*** the Tories” at Glastonbury.
Culture secretary's TikTok goes viral for all the wrong reasons.
"It comes down to personality... I don’t think that we could reveal any part of that woman that is in any way enlightening or attractive."
The Location Location Location star said any Tory who votes for the sell off is a "traitor to their party and country".
Clip from November resurfaces after culture secretary confirms privatisation of broadcaster.
Growing numbers of Tories are speaking out in opposition to its privatisation.
Government says privatisation will help the broadcaster "thrive in the face of a rapidly-changing media landscape".