Joe Lycett Unveils Unique Billboard For His New Show – And It's The Most Joe Lycett Thing Ever

"Sorry I missed the deadline..."
Joe Lycett
Joe Lycett
John Phillips via Getty Images

Joe Lycett definitely thought outside the box when it came to the advertising campaign for his late-night talk show.

The stand-up comic and presenter is currently fronting the second season of Late Night Lycett, which began on Channel 4 last week.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday morning, Joe – who is a visual artist as well as comedian – revealed that the broadcaster got in touch with him last month about designing his own billboard to promote his show.

“We’re really excited you are designing a billboard for the new series of Late Night Lycett,” the unnamed exec said.

“The deadline for artwork is 2pm today and we haven’t seen you send anything through yet. Can you let us know ASAP?”

In his reply, Joe explained: “I’m not going to make that deadline so I’ll just send the printers these emails.”

And apparently, he was as good as his word, sharing a photo of the unique results with his followers:

Late Night Lycett certainly came back with a bang on Friday night, with guest Danny Dyer dropping the C-bomb not once but twice during the live broadcast.

It also featured a much-hyped segment in which he revealed several fake stories that he’d planted in the media in recent weeks, in a controversial bid to make a point about disinformation.

These “stories” included a tribute statue being erected in honour of Steps singer H Watkins, and a mural of Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz that was wrongly attributed to the street artist Banksy.


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