Joe Lycett Puts His Unique Spin On Liz Truss' Bizarre Easter Photo And It's Brilliant

If anyone was going to have a go at recreating Truss' unusual snap, it was going to be him.
Joe Lycett in the Good Morning Britain studio earlier this year
Joe Lycett in the Good Morning Britain studio earlier this year
Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Joe Lycett couldn’t resist taking a pop at Liz Truss’ truly bizarre Easter Sunday photo.

Throughout Truss’ short tenure as prime minister, the comedian was among her most vocal critics, usually under the ironic guise of his “incredibly right-wing” persona.

So, when the former PM raised eyebrows over the weekend with an Easter photo that showed her cradling a lamb outside of what appeared to be a derelict church, it didn’t take Joe long to respond with a shot of his own.

Posting mere hours after Truss’ picture, Joe’s version saw him standing outside of a construction site while holding a bundled-up towel in a pose mirroring the MP and her lamb pal.

But Joe wasn’t the only comic to take inspiration from Truss’ Easter snap.

Improv performer Susan Harrison also shared a parody video offering a “behind the scenes” look at Truss now-infamous photo.

While Truss has now been out of Downing Street for around 18 months, that certainly hasn’t stopped Joe from regularly weighing in on what’s going on in the world of politics.

Back in December, when reports of unrest among the Conservative party were dominating the headlines, Joe responded with three words for his followers on X.

The former Great British Sewing Bee host has also specifically called out former home secretary Suella Braverman after her remarks about LGBTQ+ migrants sparked outrage.

When Braverman made widely-criticised comments referring to rough sleepers living in tents as a “lifestyle choice”, Joe also seized the opportunity to raise thousands for the homeless charity Crisis UK.


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