This week in the world of entertainment, RuPaul’s Drag Race US returned with Nicki Minaj rocking the guest judge spot. Joe Lycett legally changed his name to Hugo Boss to take on the fashion brand’s copyright claims. Jennifer Lopez gracefully weighed in on her lack of an Oscar nomination and Oprah took a tumble when speaking about balance in life.
The comic has taken aim at the German fashion designer.
Heard the one about the Edinburgh Fringe? You’ll be forgiven if you haven’t given it much thought this year, with the Olympics
The Edinburgh Fringe brochure is, no matter how you slice it, a thumping information overload of a tome. It's hard to even
When I was at school I was occasionally picked on by kids for 'acting gay' or being camp. I developed a line in riposte which was 'don't bend over then'. I was clearly an amazing child. A couple of weeks ago I saw one of those kids drinking a pint of lager in a Wetherspoons at 11am. And he was wearing a fleece. I realised, in that moment, that I totally win.
As the Fringe drew to a close, The Huffington Post UK invited three professional comedians, all hotly tipped as rising stars