Joe Lycett Has A 3-Word Suggestion Amid Latest Conservative Party Drama

Of course, the comedian had something to say about the latest saga.
Joe Lycett
Joe Lycett
Dave Benett via Getty Images

Joe Lycett had just three words of advice for his followers amid the latest tensions within the Tory party.

In recent history, the comedian has become known for his takedowns of the government, particularly after his infamous appearance on Laura Kuenssberg’s BBC politics show last year, during which he introduced his “incredibly right-wing” media persona.

And with unrest among the cabinet making headlines, including the resignation of immigration minister Robert Jenrick, Joe took a very subtle swipe at the current cabinet on Wednesday evening.

He shared a wordless post with the link for people to ‘register to vote’, implying an election could well be on the cards.

Prior to this, Joe repeatedly took aim at Suella Braverman during her time as home secretary, for her comments about both LGBTQ+ migrants and homeless people.

In response to the latter, the comic launched a fundraiser for the homeless charity Crisis UK, which ended up raising £50,000.

“Of course my main thanks must go to Suella: without your lifestyle choice, of being callous and cruel towards the most vulnerable people in society, none of this would’ve happened,” he wrote when his fundraiser reached its target.

“There’s another choice coming to all of us fairly soon. It’s known as an election. Best of luck with it babe.”

Less than a week later, it was confirmed that Braverman had been dropped as home secretary – news which sparked a swift response from Joe himself. She has since been replaced by James Cleverly.

Meanwhile, Joe sparked a lot of conversation last month when he put together one of his signature stunts to raise awareness of sewage dumping.


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