Suella Braverman

Boris Johnson always rewarded loyalty, will his foreign secretary follow suit?
Attorney general and Brexiteer, who has been knocked out of the race, delivers blow to surging Penny Mordaunt.
"Representation is important in politics, but only if they represent more than just the same skin tone as me.”
Eleven candidates have so far declared that they want to replace Boris Johnson in No.10.
"Frankly, I don’t know where she gets the brass neck," the Labour frontbencher exclusively told HuffPost.
Attorney general throws hat into the ring in unconventional fashion.
Suella Braverman attacked her opposite number by claiming her heroes were "Lenin and Corbyn".
An economist who shared the panel with Suella Braverman received a round of applause for her scathing assessment.
Suella Braverman claimed the government has "a track record which I'm proud of" when it comes to welcoming refugees.