Suella Braverman

"It's like taking off your underwear, turning it inside out, and putting it back on again."
The prime minister "believes collective responsibility is very important".
Analysis: Making the former prime minister the new foreign secretary shows Downing Street has lost the plot.
The comedian wasted no time in reacting to the former home secretary's departure.
It came after she criticised the police ahead of protests at the weekend.
James Heappey said he "wouldn't have used the language" the home secretary did.
The home secretary said "sick, inflammatory and clearly criminal chants, placards and paraphernalia" were on display at yesterday's demo.
"Are you guys not going to take any responsibility for this?" Trevor Phillips asked defence secretary Grant Shapps.
The prime minister had hoped the King's Speech would turn around his and the Tory Party's fortunes. He was wrong.