Suella Braverman

The BBC presenter said the former home secretary was "a headline-grabber".
Immigration minister's resignation leaves prime minister's flagship deportation policy in tatters.
In a direct challenge to Rishi Sunak, the former home secretary warned the party will "die" if a new immigration law is too weak.
And he still doesn't know when the first migrants will be deported to the east African country.
Plan labelled "cruel" by critics – but former home secretary says the government can "go further".
Damian Green slams former home secretary's Rwanda plan.
The startling remarks came after the Supreme Court deemed the scheme to be illegal
The former home secretary told the prime minister he is "lacking in the qualities of leadership that this country needs".
Downing Street confirmed the former home secretary's idea will not become law.
One MP revealed she had submitted a vote of no confidence in the prime minister.