Mishal Husain Effortlessly Takes Down Suella Braverman's Attack On Met Police In Painful Exchange

"You're basing what you're saying on incomplete information," the Radio 4 presenter pointed out to the ex-home secretary.
Suella Braverman was cornered by Mishal Husain on the Today programme
Suella Braverman was cornered by Mishal Husain on the Today programme

Suella Braverman was torn apart on the Today programme this morning when she tried to criticise the Metropolitan Police over a viral video.

The force is in the spotlight after an officer was seen on camera describing a man, Gideon Falter, as “openly Jewish” at a pro-Palestine protest in London, and trying to prevent him from crossing the march.

The police have since apologised, but Met commissioner Sir Mark Rowley is now facing calls to resign – including from ex-home secretary Braverman.

Radio 4 host Mishal Husain asked her: “Can I ask, have you seen the whole video involved Gideon Falter?”

Braverman said she had seen “clips” but this is more about “what has happened over the last six months”.

Husain pointed out that Sky News has published the whole 13-minute clip, where an officer offers to lead Falter in a different direction to help him get across.

“I wonder if that changes your position at all, because police officers do have a duty, don’t they, to keep the peace which is the conclusion that many come to after watching the full footage,” the presenter added.

Braverman said she was not complaining about individual officers, but a wider complaint about antisemitism – and the police’s “failure to maintain the peace”.

Husain pushed: “But you haven’t seen the video of the whole incident?”

Braverman said the video shows the “police themselves consider there is a risk of antisemitic attacks on a Jewish person” at the marches.

She added: “They’ve chosen to say to the innocent Jewish person that that person must give up their rights and they’ll be arrested if they don’t.”

Husain cut in: “OK, I suggest you should perhaps watch the whole video before deciding exactly what you think the risks were.”

Braverman spoke over her, saying: “That cannot be the right approach to handling this problem.”

“You haven’t seen the whole video,” Husain said.

“I have seen enough of the video,” Braverman said.

“How do you know, you haven’t seen the whole video?”

“Excuse me Mishal, if I could finish a sentence that might help,” Braverman replied.

Husain said: “I suggest the views you are drawing and the conclusions you are taking from seeing a segment of it when the whole of it is available for you to watch are... you’re basing what you’re saying on incomplete information.”

Braverman said she was working off the last six months and having worked with the Met Police commissioner when the Israel-Gaza war started last autumn, when she was still home secretary.

The backbencher also claimed the “police have chosen a side”.

Husain hit back: “You just want [the marches] banned.”

“I want marches banned which are posing a disproportionate risk of serious disorder or unmanageable resource,” Braverman replied.

Husain pointed out there’s only been a small number of arrests at these protests, and there is always a Jewish presence joining the march.

Braverman started to say antisemitic slogans are “in large part” used at these protest, only for Husain to say she does not believe that is “borne out”.

“If this march was peaceful, why was a Jewish man not able to cross the street peacefully?” Braverman replied.

Husain paused, and just reminded Braverman she should watch the whole 13-minute video – and abruptly cut off the interview.


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