"You're basing what you're saying on incomplete information," the Radio 4 presenter pointed out to the ex-home secretary.
CST charity says the anti-Jewish incidents were "inspired" by the October 7 massacre.
“Intolerance toward anyone encourages intolerance toward everyone,” Christie told CNN's Dana Bash.
The Republican presidential candidate claimed he had not seen the billionaire's comment that agreed with an antisemitic conspiracy theory.
Linda Yaccarino claimed that the social media platform is against discrimination a day after her boss called an antisemitic post “the actual truth”.
The billionaire told Israel’s prime minister the plan would cut down on bots spreading hateful content.
"This small act of destruction made me look at the neighbourhood I’ve lived in for over a decade, where I’ve always felt safe and welcomed, in a new way."
The far-right House member got an earful of grief for her Jewish holiday wish.
The clash is likely the first salvo in a pending European battle over Twitter's runaway hate speech under Musk's regime.