The 20-year-old victim, who was assaulted in Stamford Hill, London, had a pillowcase put over her head as she was punched repeatedly.
Judge describes application as "fishing expedition" that risked "high-profile" identification of "innocent individuals".
But lawyers for the party insist there is "no smoking gun" definitively identifying who released the internal dossier.
In 2020, to identify and live as Jewish continues to carry risk. Would raising my son as ‘Jewish with a small J’ break with the past in a way that can’t be repaired?
Former shadow chancellor wants ex-leader reinstated but accepts damage to Jewish community is “immense”.
Former leader was denied the right to sit as Labour MP over anti-Semitism comments.
Fast-tracked decision on former leader sparks more internal strife.
Keir Starmer acknowledges “another painful day for the Jewish community" as ex-leader issued with “warning of conduct” letter as a sanction.
Corbyn ally Roger McKenzie has been referred to the party over an alleged breach of rules, which he denies.
The Labour leader said there was “no need for a civil war” in the party.