Pro-Palestinian Protesters Had A Brutal Response To Suella Braverman's Attempts To Chat On GB News

The former home secretary was left scrambling for two and a half very painful minutes.
Suella Braverman had a toe-curlingly awkward encounter with Cambridge student protesters
Suella Braverman had a toe-curlingly awkward encounter with Cambridge student protesters
GB News

GB News just broadcast Suella Braverman’s toe-curlingly awkward efforts to engage with pro-Palestine protesters, as they completely ignored her.

The former home secretary is known for pushing the bill to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, for supporting Israel amid the war in Gaza and describing pro-Palestine demonstrations in the UK as “hate marches”.

On Thursday, GB News presenter Patrick Christys escorted the current backbencher around an encampment at the University of Cambridge while filming, presumably to try and capture an encounter between the two opposing sides.

But the pair failed, miserably.

Christys approached one group on protesters wearing face masks and asked them if they would like to speak to Braverman.

The former cabinet minister introduced herself: “Hi, I’m Suella. I’m keen to... find out your views and what you’re protesting about.”

The protesters just crossed their arms and just stared back at her.

Into the stony silence, Braverman said: “I’m interested in why you’re covering your faces. Is it a Covid or a health measure?”

More silence followed.

“No comment,” Braverman concluded.

“OK, interesting,” Christys said. “What were you expecting, did you think people might engage a little bit with you? They feel very strongly about it.”

Braverman replied: “These are supposed to be some of the brightest and the best students in the land, taught in the art of articulation of their views and expressing arguments in a coherent way, and I’m interested in hearing their arguments. Engaging and listening.”

They approached another group, and Braverman said: “I’m really keen to hear what your message is to Israel.”

There was no response from the wall of protesters.

“Interested to hear your comments to Hamas,” Braverman tried again. “Do you think the hostages should be released now?”

Further awkwardness followed, as the demonstrators just glared at the pair.

Christys and Braverman then moved along the encampment until they reach an elderly man holding a placard, which said: “Openly Jewish Against Visible Genocide.”

“Can I ask what your message is to Israel?” Braverman said.

He just gestured to his sign.

And when asked about his message to Hamas, he sat in silence.

After two and a half minutes of these kinds of interactions, Christys concluded: “Fascinating really, I thought they would have some kind of response.”

“Yeah, I thought they’d have a line!” Braverman said.

Students from universities both in the US and the UK have been setting up encampments in recent weeks, to try and pressure institutions into cutting ties with Israeli organisations.


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