Israel and Gaza have exchanged the most intense rocket fire since the 2014 Gaza War. The latest flare-up came after a botched Israeli military operation in Gaza. Hamas militants fired over 300 rockets into Israel while the IDF retaliated with strikes on over 100 targets.
'The vile and vicious attacks directed at you were to serve as a warning to other public figures holding dissenting views.'
The trip comes after her apology for her 'Gaza sh*thole' comments.
'Shashi's celebrity is not of an A-lister. I think the biggest hit will be on her businesses.'
“It all depends on Hamas. If it continues (to attack), I don’t know what its fate will be,” Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said on Israel Radio.
There is much that we as a nation can be doing to ease the plight of children living in the hell that is Gaza
Israeli military forces killed some 60 Palestinian demonstrators on Monday.
The five things you need to know about politics today
"We are extremely upset and disappointed in the South African government. It has never done this - in the whole of democratic South Africa"
The party has lashed out at governments that associate with Israel.