Debate overshadowed by furious row over Speaker Lindsay Hoyle.
It's an unusual statement from a member of the Royal Family, who have to stay apolitical.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is brushing off growing calls to halt the military offensive in Gaza and vowing to “finish the job."
MP will this week vote on the party's motion demanding an immediate end to the violence.
The leader is facing anger from Israel after saying that the ongoing military offensive against Palestinians is not a war, but a genocide similar to that by Nazis.
UNRWA has provided direct relief and aid to Palestinians for 75 years. Damaging claims by Israel have left its fate in question.
“People feel that they are choosing where they are going to be when they die.”
White House spokesman John Kirby said last month such probes are not occurring, but sources tell HuffPost US officials have been assessing Israel's possible international law violations for months.
"You seemed to dodge that question," the BBC Radio 4 presenter pointed out.
"I'm so scared. Please come," the young girl said while under fire.