Former Labour MP Chris Williamson refused to condemn Hamas's attack on Israel or distance his party from Nick Griffin.
UK MPs are still rowing over parliamentary procedure – rather than an actual ceasefire.
CST charity says the anti-Jewish incidents were "inspired" by the October 7 massacre.
“People feel that they are choosing where they are going to be when they die.”
Troops are expected to advance to the densely-populated southern city of Rafah.
“There are a lot of innocent people who are starving," the US president said. "There are a lot of innocent people who are in trouble and dying."
“It is incredibly ironic and frustrating how the US government detained him for two years and then funded and armed his killing,” Motaz Alhelou’s former lawyer said.
The Friday letter from officials in the US, Britain and European countries comes after a State Department meeting where employees challenged Biden's policy.
The Palestinian ambassador to the UK called the comments the "best shot in the arm".
The United States has denounced calls for the Israeli resettlement of Gaza, but stopped short of saying it would imperil US aid to Israel.