The Palestinians have already rejected the proposal, accusing Trump of being biased in favour of Israel.
Israel and Gaza have exchanged the most intense rocket fire since the 2014 Gaza War. The latest flare-up came after a botched Israeli military operation in Gaza. Hamas militants fired over 300 rockets into Israel while the IDF retaliated with strikes on over 100 targets.
A fortnight ago, Brian Klug - one of he word’s leading authorities on antisemitism - welcomed the Labour national executive
The trip comes after her apology for her 'Gaza sh*thole' comments.
Radio personality Gareth Cliff has courted controversy again, this time by declaring that Israel is entitled to protect itself from Palestinians "clearly hellbent on violence".
Hamas, the Islamic government and terror group, rules the Gaza Strip with an iron fist without regard for human or civil rights, says Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs project director.
The time for symbolic condemnation is over. The ICC must take action, and the international community must act concretely – Amnesty International director.
"People died, Zev – and that’s the horror here, not your hurt feelings."
"The South African government does devote disproportionate attention to Israel compared to many other conflict areas in the world."