The Metropolitan Police confirmed 12 people had been arrested over the protest.
Harrowing data from a UN-backed group warns that Palestinians are still suffering "catastrophic" food conditions amid Israel's aid blockage.
It comes as the Israel-Hamas war continues to rage on in Gaza and the Tories languish in the polls.
Prime minister tells police chiefs to use existing powers to "protect our democracy" amid protests and fears over the safety of MPs.
UK MPs are still rowing over parliamentary procedure – rather than an actual ceasefire.
It's an unusual statement from a member of the Royal Family, who have to stay apolitical.
“People feel that they are choosing where they are going to be when they die.”
Troops are expected to advance to the densely-populated southern city of Rafah.
The Palestinian ambassador to the UK called the comments the "best shot in the arm".
Israel's military said the militants were using the hospital as a hideout, without providing evidence.