Residents in Lowestoft awoke on Sunday to the news that the new attraction had been daubed with white paint.
Not everyone is a fan of the street artist's latest work.
Installations have now reportedly appeared on the Isle of Wight and in the US, Romania, and the Netherlands.
The man learned a valuable lesson about removing street art from its original location.
The elusive street artist posted a picture of the artwork to his Instagram account on Saturday morning.
“It was one of my favorite shoots," recalled Steve Lazarides, the secretive street artist's former right-hand man.
Has the 90s TV presenter been leading a double life?
Enigmatic street artist poses as a Transport for London worker while conveying message about masks and the spread of coronavirus.
The statue, which had stood in the city since 1895, was pulled down during a Black Lives Matter demonstration on Sunday.
The anonymous street artist's latest piece honours those on the front line of the pandemic.