A BBC journalist recently shared audio from a minidisc he discovered in his home. It features a 2003 conversation he claims to have had with the artist.
The famed street artist's 90-second clip ends with an unexpected threat.
The elusive street artist has copped to one piece in Borodyanka and is presumed responsible for at least three more murals in the war-torn country.
Residents in Lowestoft awoke on Sunday to the news that the new attraction had been daubed with white paint.
Not everyone is a fan of the street artist's latest work.
Installations have now reportedly appeared on the Isle of Wight and in the US, Romania, and the Netherlands.
The man learned a valuable lesson about removing street art from its original location.
The elusive street artist posted a picture of the artwork to his Instagram account on Saturday morning.
“It was one of my favorite shoots," recalled Steve Lazarides, the secretive street artist's former right-hand man.