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The comedian and actor has been accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse by a number of women, which he has denied.
Georgie Henley and Ophelia Lovibond will also take the lead in the new docudrama.
Channel 4's Miracle Meat programme didn't go down well viewers who failed to twig that it was satirical.
The British Meat Miracle explored cannibalism – but many viewers failed to spot one key detail.
The comic recently sparked controversy ahead of her new documentary about ableism, Rosie Jones: Am I A R****d?
Some contributors have asked producers to remove their scenes from the show.
Anna Richardson's divisive dating show was reported to be on the chopping block amid cost-cutting at Channel 4.
The pair spoke out after a leaked audio file of Angel swearing at a producer was posted online.
The couple fronted family home renovation series Escape To The Chateau, which also spawned other spin-off shows.