Golden Globes 2012: Twitter's Funniest Comments

16/01/2012 07:51 | Updated 16 January 2012

If you were asleep during the Golden Globe Awards, we're guessing you're probably either a. British or b. not a big showbiz fan.

If the answer is a., fear not! For Twitter did what it does best last night, and provided a funny-slash-sarcastic commentary to a serious event, so you didn't have to watch it. And we've rounded up the funniest gems for you. (If the answer is b., you might want to head over to our Politics or Lifestyle section instead.)

From Madonna's speech to George Clooney's penis - via Nicole Kidman's frozen face and Morgan Freeman's vampire casket - enjoy Twitter's take on what turned out to be a sometimes unintentionally funny night.

Golden Globe tweets
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