Sally Bercow Separates Gordon Brown And Tony Blair During Queen's Jubilee Speech

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The seating arrangements in Westminster Hall as the Queen addressed parliament drew a lot of comment on Tuesday; Ed Miliband's wife Justine next to Nick Clegg, David Cameron squeezed in next to the Labour leader.

But it was the positioning of the speaker's wife, Sally Bercow, which drew the most attention, with the 42-year-old betwixt Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Sally's seat between the two former PMs, who famously don't get on, delighted politicos, who took to Twitter to express their surprise that the Labour-supporting speaker's wife was acted as a "buffer" between the two men.

Joe Watts
They've put Sally Bercow in between Blair and Brown at the Queen's jubilee speech to stop them squabbling.

Andrew Turmer
What a peculiar seating plan at this Queen thing. Dave next to Ed? Brown, Sally Bercow then Blair? Weird weird weird.

Nicholas Pope
Sally Bercow was ordered to be on her best behaviour today when John Bercow welcomes the Queen to Westminster Hall. I wonder if she behaved.

See below for a slideshow of some of the best reaction to the unusual threesome.


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