Gordon Brown

The energy secretary wrongly claimed the former PM had drawn up a resignation honours list when he left Number 10.
The mayor's colleagues distanced themselves from his call for a northern "Barnett Formula".
Two key allies of former PM Gordon Brown will go head-to-head in East Lothian.
Labour leader wants to move power out of Westminster and Whitehall.
He recalled how the Queen questioned “why have these bankers got it all wrong” in 2008.
Tory leadership frontrunner signals energy companies won't face a fresh levy as bills are expected to top £5,000 next year.
Ex-prime minister calls for temporary re-nationalisation of energy companies failing to cut soaring bills.
Tory leadership frontrunner is later caught apologising for being "mean" after repeated attacks on journalists.
Silly season has seen Ed Davey and Gordon Brown lead the charge against the government.