Pizza Hut Unveil The ‘Pizza Dog' Flavour - Complete With Hot Dog Stuffed Crust

The Huffington Post UK  |  By Posted: 11/04/2012 13:29 Updated: 11/04/2012 13:41

Pizza Hut Hot Dog Stuffed Crust

As if a slice of cheese-drenched pizza wasn’t calorific enough, Pizza Hut have unveiled its latest stuffed crust upgrade – the ‘Pizza Dog’, complete with a hot dog-filled crust and all the trimmings.

Pizza Hut UK have launched its new hot dog-flavoured variety, which is available on home delivery only, and (unsurprisingly) only comes in large - but claims it’s designed to share.

On the Pizza Hut website, the pizza is described as: “Succulent hot dog sausage bursting from our famous stuffed crust, with a FREE mustard drizzle.”

Available for six weeks only, this 14-inch hot dog pizza follows the lead from the world’s first sausage-filled pizza, which launched in Japan in 2007.

But for a nation of obese heavyweights, diabetes and heart disease sufferers - is this pizza a recipe for disaster?

A Pizza Hut spokesperson told HuffPost Lifestyle: “The Hot Dog Stuffed Crust is a sharing pizza from Pizza Hut Delivery that we recently introduced as a limited edition offer.

“The new range builds on our proud tradition of creating innovative dishes to enjoy on a night in with friends, and we’re sure that a lot of our fans are looking forward to trying our latest creation.”

Sadly, heart-damaging food concoctions aren’t anything new in the UK, as it was recently revealed that a café in Great Yarmouth sells a 6,000 kcal breakfast that weighs the same as a baby.

This fatty pizza flavour comes after it was revealed that unborn babies of obese mothers are being treated for diabetes in the womb and bigger ambulances (and mortuary slabs) are being designed to carry super-sized patients.

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