Tired of nodding your head in time with Gandalf? (Yeah, that's so last week.)

Well, why not dance along with this pair of groovy cats instead? No matter how downcast and unenergetic you're feeling today, we guarantee you'll be bopping to the beat (to coin a phrase from the early '60s) before 60 seconds is up.

(We're doing a breezy little jig in the vague direction of YouTube's Petsami channel for first alerting us to this video.)

Keen to throw some more shapes before you get on with whatever it is you're supposed to be doing today? Don't let us stop you! Dance along with the animals...

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  • Night At The Aviary

    Doug and Steve Butabi in bird form.

  • Techno Dog


  • Gorilla B-boy

    Mad skills.

  • Dancing Panda Grinds To "Bed Intruder Song"

    The only thing that could have made this dancing (scratching?) Panda any more adorable was the addition of a Gregory Brothers jam.

  • Fugees Bird

    Lauryn Hill would be proud.

  • Happy Feet


  • Snowball Loves The Backstreet Boys

    Watch this cockatoo impress with the help of a little BSB.

  • Bear Caught On Tape Grinding With A Tree

    So this is what bears do in the middle of the woods when no one's around, huh?

  • Dancing Parrot

    This parrot knows how to swoon.

  • Amazing Merengue-Dancing Dog!

    This dog can do the Merengue better than most humans can walk!

  • Rookie & Carolyn Scott

    Before the Merengue dancing dog, there was Rookie & Carolyn.

  • Beak Banging

    A very metal cockatoo.

  • Dancing Lizard

    Breakin' it down right in the middle of the road.