David Cameron Tweets Anti-NHS Cuts Hashtag #welovethenhs (PICTURES)

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What was it David Cameron said about too many tweets? The PM was hounded (again) on Thursday after tagging a tweet on NHS spending with the rabidly anti-cuts hashtag, #welovethenhs.

On Thursday afternoon Cameron posted what seemed to be an innocuous tweet on two relative successes for the Coalition government, crime rates and NHS spending.

David Cameron
Two great signs of govt successes today - crime down again and proof NHS spending is rising

Cameron used the tweet to congratulate himself and his government on the wins, ending the tweet with the hashtag which, unfortunately for him, is populated by anti-cuts folk.

What followed was rampant abuse from all sides against Cameron, from campaigners to Labour groups to cringing media.

Here's some of the (printable) responses:

Emma Kennedy
David Cameron using the hashtag is like Darth Vader saying He knows full well he's going to destroy it

ilona burton
David Cameron using the hashtag is like me saying I love scales. Only, I smashed mine to smitherines years ago.

Dan Bull
Wow, David Cameron has started using the hash tag. His PR men really, really dropped the ball there...

Anne England
Cameron uses hashtag. That's love in the sense of 'I love you so much I don't want anyone else to have you so must kill you'?

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Cameron Uses #welovethenhs
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