Twitter Jokes Of The Week: Week 45 (Of 52)

09/11/2012 13:22 | Updated 16 November 2012

Happy Friday, everyone! At least, it is for Democrats and every other country in the world apart from Pakistan. Less so for Republicans. They're hysterical - in both senses of the word.

And of course, Twitter Jokes Of The Week leads with the US election - but we've also rounded up our favourite funny tweets about some of the week's other biggest stories. Namely: Phillip Schofield and that list, Bradley Wiggins and that van, Nadine Dorries, the new Archbishop of Canterbury and Donald Trump (the latter are not, fortunately, related).

In fact, this week marks the start of our new-style Twitter Jokes Of The Week - a second term, if you will. In order to not give you RSI every Friday - and in order to not feel like we're failing you by bringing you a mere 0.000007142857142857143%* (roughly) of the number of tweets posted each week - we're now going to be rounding up just the funny tweets about stories and events of the week. Any other ones that tickle our funny bone will be retweeted from @HuffPostUKCom - the place to also let us know about any topical tweets you think should make the round-up, and any funny tweeters you think we should be following.

In the meantime, we'd like to thank you for your tireless campaigning tweeting. Here's to four more years... of Twitter Jokes Of The Week!

Twitter Jokes Of The Week

*NB This is a percentage of the total tweets sent. We realise not all of them are funny, and thus this might increase the percentage to 0.000007142857142857144%

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