MP Has Lunch Stolen, Thief Warns They Will Strike Again (PICTURES)

15/11/2012 11:05 GMT | Updated 15/11/2012 11:06 GMT

Someone has stolen Leicester MP Liz Kendall's lunch. And they are prepared to do it again.

On Wednesday the covert politican spotting Twitter account @eyespyMP snapped a picture of a House of Commons fridge with a note attached signed by Kendall.

"Someone has stolen my lunch from this fridge," it said. "I do not appreciate this and warn other people - don't leave anything in here unless you're happy for it to go missing."

The culprit, possibly another MP, then replied with a yellow post-it note: "I took it... AND I'D DO IT AGAN."


Later on in the day another note was stuck to the fridge in response: "You are a very sick individual". However Kendall has denied that she was the author of the third message.


She tweeted: "I'm too busy campaigning to speculate on the identity of the Westminster tuna salad thief. But from now on I'll be eating a bigger breakfast."