Osher And Tomer Grencel's Four-Minute, 1000 Photo Pregnancy Is YouTube Hit

25/11/2012 16:06 | Updated 26 November 2012

Most women probably wish they could get their nine months of pregnancy in four minutes - even if it would leave only a few seconds to decorate the nursery, but at least morning sickness is over in a millisecond.

Osher Grencel's pregnancy appears to be happening at the speed of light as husband Tomer took more than 1000 photographs of her in comfy tracksuit bottoms and a white crop top as her pregnant belly grows, morning sickness passes and cribs and prams bought.


Osher Grencel and daughter Emma

A dream sequence sees Osher fantasising about a tree growing the jars of Nutella she craves during her pregnancy.

He used the pictures to document the experience expecting their first child by making a stop-motion video - beginning with their wedding photos and finally introducing their baby daughter Emma.

See the pictures here

9 Month Pregnancy In 4 Minutes

The video has had more than 325,000 hits on YouTube, and has sparked a parenting blog,

tomer grencel

One of the pictures on the parenting blog

tomer grencel

Tomer Grencel speeds away with daughter Emma

Other photoshopped images include Osher painted to look like a cow as she nurses her daughter and Emma strapped to the back of her dad, as a "jet engine" as he shoots along on his bike.

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