women's issues

The 1,300km round trip will support women and girls living in poverty.
The 800-mile round trip will support women and girls living in poverty.
If they were giving out prizes for the most inappropriately dressed person at a mammogram appointment, I'd win hands down. I did give my clothing some thought in the morning, quite a lot of thought actually, just reached the wrong conclusions.
'To outright deny it as being sexual harassment and to assume you have a right to look at, comment on or touch a woman’s breasts is plain wrong.'
I remember my first time. I was in the science lab at school asking a male teacher a question, when I noticed his eyes momentarily
In what is undoubtedly one of the most progressive steps in recent history for Northern Ireland women's rights the UK government
There are a variety of reasons as to why women may opt for permanent sterilisation. A device called Essure, produced Bayer in Germany, paved the way for achieving permanent birth control and avoids the patient undergoing an invasive surgical hysterectomy.
I really don't need to justify why my partner and I choose not to have children. In today's society, the nuclear family has gone, and families come in all shape and sizes, with or without children. So why pressurise me because I'm childless? What happened to freedom of choice?
What pregnancy does to your body isn't a secret. It's hard to conceal a swelling stomach, and I can't be the only mum whose breasts leaked in Tescos. My belly expanded, but so did my fingers, and I pulled off my wedding ring a few weeks before birth only to find I couldn't get it back again.