12 Issues All Feminists Have When Dating Men

This just got complicated.

Trying to channel Beyoncé and be a female boss 24/7 becomes just that bit harder when it comes to dating men.

It can be hard to reconcile your feminist principles when playing a game that constantly upholds traditional gender roles (and make us all neurotic about our pubic hair).

Here are 12 internal conflicts all feminists face when entering the world of dating.

1. Identifying as an independent woman, dying within five seconds of no male attention.

2. Fighting for equality, secretly loving chivalry.

3. Texting whenever you want, worrying you’re a ‘needy’ woman.

4. Wanting your outfit to be sexy, feeling guilty for caring.

5. Shaving your legs, feeling victimised by the patriarchy.

6. Questioning the state of your bikini line, having an ideological meltdown.

7. Wanting to just accept a free drink offer, having to insist you buy rounds.

8. Feeling you should pay half the bill, remembering the gender pay gap.

9. Sleeping with them on the first date, fretting about seeming easy.

10. Thinking you should be dominant in bed, secretly loving missionary.

11. Contacting them the morning after, giving yourself an emotional complex.

12. Practising your signature with their last name, remembering you’re meant to hate marriage.