It was one year ago to this day that The Huffington Post UK launched its brand new Culture section.

In that time we've reported from street art festivals in Norway, explored sexism in the arts, filmed dozens of performed poets do their thing, reported on the real consequences of library closures and identified the most exciting young artists in Britain - as well as brought you all the latest news and daily features from the world of art, photography, books, poetry and theatre.

Above all, we've tried to make things fun - and the starting point is always our main story. To celebrate today's landmark, we've rounded up a few of our favourites from the past 12 months.

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  • The Queen was everywhere this summer - including the National Portrait Gallery. We reviewed the show promising to offer a glimpse beneath the crown. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • When a set of paintings by the Kray twins sold at auction in June, we took a look at other artworks by notorious killers. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • "A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it" - we round up the wisest words ever uttered about the wonders of travel. <a href=""A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it."">READ STORY</a>

  • June saw the 15th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book - so we took a look at some of the thing the boy wizard is responsible for... <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • In the summer, a retrospective of Edvard Munch's work gave us plenty to scream about. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • We talk to the men determined to take theatre to a global audience using the internet. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • Funny, biting and occasionally beautiful - 50 of our favourite Culture Jams. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • As the unedifying details from John Terry's racism case filtered from the court room, we decided to give the former England captain a literature lesson in swearing... <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • During Britain's 'wettest ever summer', we tried to cheer up the nation with some bad weather-inspired art. It didn't work, but we did find some great paintings. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • We went Roald Dahl crazy on Roald Dahl Day - with quotes, quizzes and an exclusive interview with his biographer <a href="<a href="">READ STORY</a>">READ STORY</a>

  • The day finally arrived: JK Rowling's first adult novel The Casual Vacancy hit the shelves - and the pages of the book reviewers... <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • As her new solo play Brand New Ancients openend at the BAC, we spook to Kate Tempest, Britain's leading young poet, playwright and rapper about growing up, being a 'female MC' and moving on to a new kind of politics... <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • What better way to mark Halloween than with a countdown of the 50 scariest characters from fiction? <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • Mo Yan was the controversial choice for this year's Nobel Prize for Literature. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • Book winner Hilary Mantel talks to HuffPost Culture <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • We decided to do our bit for Movember by rounding up the most impressive 'taches from the world of art. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • Sexism isn't an issue in the arts, right? Not according to gender equality campaigners East London Fawcett Group who told us some startling statistics... <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • A visit to an art show called 'Jimmy Saville Is Innocent' in central London left us shocked when we saw a sexualised image of a child, so we asked the gallery - and the artist - to explain why. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • An artist traveled to Afghanistan and asked soldiers serving there to tell their stories. The result was a powerful and moving collection. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • In November we met The Reader Organisation, a charity helping to tackle mental health problems using the power of a good read. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • Annual giggles at the Bad Sex Awards were a highlight this winter. <a href="">READ STORY</a>

  • From Hirst's triumph to the bit of funding cuts - all the biggest moments in art from 2012. <a href="">READ STORY</a>