The sight of worried students waiting outside UCL clutching sheafs of cramming notes as HuffPost Students casually strolled to work with a morning coffee in hand quickly brought the terror of exams back into sharp focus.

Many will be thinking of the injustice of it all - the sun finally comes out after what seems like aeons but the hard work indoors is just beginning as students look to discovering the best ways of keeping their minds focused and panic levels down in the weeks ahead.

But what are those best ways? Are exams just something to get through with the thought of a long hot summer to keep you going or can you really keep your mind sharp and nerves unfrayed while others lose theirs around you?

In the spirit of revision and solidarity, we set out on Twitter to find out from students just how they were getting on with their chores. We received plenty of responses which must mean they've not really got their minds on the job in hand, tsk, tsk.

Read some of the best tweets in the slideshow below and if you have more suggestions, tweet @HPUKStudents.

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  • Jordan Ayres

    @HPUKStudents Meditation and mindfulness.

  • cameron maddocks

    @HPUKStudents RedBull Airdrop is a lifesaver for varsity hangovers and deadlines in Swansea. #editionsairdrop

  • Calum

    @HPUKStudents this saved my life this morning on deadline day. Creating quite a buzz on #goldsmiths campus! #redbull

  • Nick Petford

    Suli Breaks 'I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate' via @HPUKStudents < #lovehe this is genius

  • Josh Rodgers

    @HPUKStudents This helped me through my revision today! Can't believe @RedBullUK actually did this!!! @sheffielduni

  • Ben Kendall

    @HPUKStudents we did this today to help out #editionsairdrop

  • Xav Labat

    @HPUKStudents can of Red Bull never let's me down #givesyouwings

  • Luke O'Brien

    @HPUKStudents not having any! muhahahahahah. But seriously, listening to Kanye West

  • Samuel Ellis Rees

    @HPUKStudents Watching endless goat videos on youtube. And tweeting.

  • Jane Adams

    @HPUKStudents Exams that are on the day after each other,with no time for cramming, should be changed I feel #exams

  • John Roberts

    @HPUKStudents making sure I have ready access to a lot of food! #exams

  • The Atheist Society

    @HPUKStudents Listening to Mozart. Calms my nerves before the paper. #exams

  • Student Problems

    The forecast for the next few weeks include extreme procrastination with a chance of mental break down #exams

  • SalmaHossam

    "@FaridaRafik: 12 days left! #panic #exams

  • Fay Louise Tate

    After a day of doing no revision at all, its going to be day of intense and torturous reading and writing #exams

  • Charl Grocott

    Might aswell start bashing my head against a wall now #exams

  • Call me FOFA. ✌

    12 days left! #panic #exams

  • ★aras

    What's the point of even going to sleep now? #exams #sleepat6am

  • Alicia DiCarlo

    not even out of bed and im excited for my nap later on #exhausted #emotionallydrained #exams

  • Jenny Walker

    Wide awake since half 4 - Not ideal! #exams

  • PetSafe UK

    If you're feeling the pressure of #exams, try patting a #pet!

  • Kerryleigh Gough

    Great colourful notes...... Shame none of it is going in! #revision #stressful #exams #journalist…

  • jb3™

    A little #stress relief before these final #exams...#GymFlow (@ East Shore Athletic Club)

  • Adnan

    RT @FaisalMr_uganda: Getting hold of a Computer in the Library, during exam period is a myth. #Brunel #exams

  • DBS

    Best of luck to all our students during exam time. Some useful tips here on study prep #exams