Universities across the UK have seen a significant rise in applications for courses such as biomedical sciences, pharmacology and nursing.
One university was ordered to pay a student £5k for lost teaching time.
Report says universities "perpetuate institutional racism" and calls on governing bodies to make meaningful change.
There are no guarantees that the "travel window" put in place to help young people will be repeated at the start of next term.
Under guidance published on Wednesday, universities will be told to set staggered departure dates.
Many students who intended to start university in 2020 have deferred their place for a year. Here's what they're doing instead.
Hard-up students are also being charged £7 for a laundry service – three times what it would usually cost to do it themselves.
By letting the edtech genie out of the bottle and conceding the physical campus, universities are heading for obsoletion, writes Sean Smith.
To be failed and abandoned time and time again, at first by an algorithm, then by institutions is draining and hurtful, writes student Kimi Chaddah.
Downing Street appears to have relaxed its position after the culture secretary said students would only be allowed home if people followed Covid rules.