20 Things Students Actually Need To Pack For Uni (Psst: An Iron's Not One)

But if you're sharing showers, flip flops or sliders are a must!
These less obvious uni buys are just as important as the boring basics
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These less obvious uni buys are just as important as the boring basics

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With freshers season fast approaching, chances are you’re already clued up on all the obvious things a student needs when they move away and where’s best to get them from.

Crockery, cutlery, and bedding are clearly all important, but there are definitely some other less obvious buys I wish I’d had with me when I headed off to halls.

From handy storage solutions and organisers designed for small-space living to fun accessories and gadgets that’ll help you hit it off with your new housemates, you can bet these buys will help settle any student into their new home.

Oh, and a quick tip: if you’re worried about fitting everything in the car, remember there’s always the option of ordering bulkier items to the university’s nearest Argos or Dunelm – and picking them up on the day. A real lifesaver!

A hanging wardrobe organiser that’ll give them more shelf space
The typical student wardrobe contains little that desperately needs to be hung up, so one of these rail organisers is a great way to gain extra shelf space. This one has six shelves and five different pockets, and can even hold a heavy pair of boots.
This multifunctional pan that’s pretty and super easy to clean
When every fresher turns up with three different types of pan, cupboards quickly become chaos! A worthy investment, this cult-favourite pan can do it all, and comes in some truly gorgeous colours. Best of all, its amazing non-stick coating means less washing up – and a very happy student!
This bestselling mattress topper that comes in all sizes
Not only are the mattresses in university halls supremely uncomfortable, they can often be a little stained (ew). So a mattress topper is a must-have for any fresher who wants a good night’s sleep – and this one is also really affordable.
A pair of waterproof sliders for sticky floors and shared showers
With kitchen floors in uni halls quickly becoming a bit sticky, and the floors of communal bathrooms a little gross, it makes sense to have some waterproof sliders to slip on when needed. These ones come in loads of different sizes and colours, and are super comfy.
This pack of classic playing cards for pre-drinks
There’s nothing quite like a good drinking game to help break the ice in Freshers Week, so it’s well worthwhile sending a student off with a classic pack of cards. Plus, these ones have a contemporary design on the back – so they won’t get mixed up with anyone else’s.
This super spray that’ll straighten out clothes
Forget the iron – students just won’t use it! Alongside hanging up clothes to steam in the bathroom while someone’s in the shower, this decreasing spray is great for getting any wrinkles and folds out of shirts and skirts.
Some under-bed storage boxes with wheels
Making the absolute most of all possible storage space is crucial, so these large under the bed storage boxes are a definite requirement. Best of all, they come with handy wheels, so it’s easy to pull them out and access everything inside.
A colourful cutlery set that’s easily distinguishable
Everyone having the same old boring silver cutlery is a nightmare in halls, as it means people end up constantly stealing your spoons. Get a stand-out set that won't get confused with anyone else’s. The same rule applies to crockery – the more colourful, the better!
Loads and loads of pretty pins for the bedroom pinboard
For some reason, pretty much every bedroom in university halls is still fitted with a pinboard. Ensure your student is ready to make the most of it by buying this bumper pack of pins with different coloured heads. Plus, the colours are actually really nice!
This camera that instantly prints pics as well as saving them digitally
Polaroid cameras were really popular when I was at uni – but it was a little annoying to only have a hard copy of each image. The perfect hybrid, this instant camera provides instant hard copies for displaying on the pinboard, as well as also saving them to a MicroSD card for downloading digitally.
A laundry basket with handles for easy carrying
Most students, in halls at least, will have a little bit of a journey to their nearest laundry room. With its large capacity, folding design, and rope carry handles, this laundry basket ensures you can transport dirty clothes with ease.
These damage-free hanging strips for decorating
Whether planning to put together a gorgeous gallery wall, or stringing up some fairy lights, chances are every uni student will want to decorate their new digs so they feels like their own. Make sure you're stocked up on Command products like these strips, as well as some of these famous transparent hooks.
A handy rack for hanging coats and bag over the door
Space is precious in a uni room, so make the most of all possible storage spots. The back of the door is often forgotten about – when actually, one of these wire racks with lots of hooks provides ample hanging space for bags and coats.
A caddy for keeping shower essentials together
If blessed with you own bathroom, you can definitely stick up some self-adhesive shower shelves for storing toiletries. But if you're dealing with shared or communal facilities, you can just keep all your shower essentials together in this metal caddy that's easily transported when needed.
These best-selling washing up brushes that dispense soap
Having to spend your loan on boring stuff instead of nights out, and doing the washing up, are two of the biggest gripes for students. A dual solution, these dish brushes dispense the perfect amount of washing up liquid through the sponge, so cleaning is efficient and doesn't waste a drop!
A laptop tray for getting work done from wherever
I cannot even fully express the sheer versatility of this laptop tray. It’s got adjustable metal legs, and a student will use it for anything from studying in bed after a big night out, to eating dinner on the sofa while chatting to housemates. Plus, it folds away easily when not in use.
And a cushion to keep you supported while you crack on
Not just a space to sleep, a student’s bedroom also functions as their very own private living room for chilling out, working, and socialising with a pal or two. Crafted from lovely and soft teddy bear fabric, this cushion will help them stay both supported and cosy.
This mini portable projector for cosy movie nights
If the student in your life is struggling with the age-old debate as to whether they should buy a TV for their bedroom or not, then a mini projector like this could be the perfect compromise. It’s far cheaper, will take up way less room, and is compatible with 10 different types of devices.
An airer to hang from the door
Normal clothes horses are great, but if space is particularly tight, then one of these airers that can be hooked over the door or radiator will ensure that laundry doesn’t take up too much room while it dries.
An extension lead because rooms are always short on sockets
Whoever designs university bedrooms definitely has a lot of fun with making sure there’s only one (two if you’re lucky) power socket, and that it’s also in a really inconvenient place! So extension leads like this one that come with long cable lengths are great to have.