The Products I Swear By On A Daily Basis That Pay For Themselves

You'll wish you'd bought these sooner.
Little buys that will change your life
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Little buys that will change your life

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, HuffPost UK may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

We’re all pinching the pennies more than we used to and cutting back where we can (thanks, cost of living crisis).

So when you do decide to purchase something new, you want to know you’ll get your money’s worth. Impulse buys used once, be gone.

For me, there are some small everyday items that genuinely feel worth it, because I use them day in, day out. They might boost my productivity, save me time, or just generally make life a teensy bit easier.

Below, I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites and hope you’ll find them just as helpful.

These cable-saving twists
Somehow I manage to bend and break cables at lightning speed, no matter how careful I am. These protective cable curls have become a total game-changer, significantly reducing the number of replacement chargers I have to buy.
This in-shower detangling brush
I've got the kind of hair that tangles at the sound of the wind. It's a nightmare to manage. This gentle detangling brush has made my life a hell of a lot easier. Thanks to its moveable design, where the brush and bristles move with the hair, detangling has become a lot less painful.
This skin soothing and purifying cleanser
Super gentle and lightweight, this cleansing fluid is both non-greasy and non-comedogenic, making it ideal for a diverse range of skin types, including my tricky combination skin. FYI, a little goes a really long way, with one bottle lasting for months.
This multi-purpose cleaning wipes smell fantastic
I'm not a fan of overly chemically-smelling cleaning products, which is why I am such a huge fan of these wipes from Zoflora. They smell fresh and fruity but not overpowering. I love the Zoflora concentrates, but these wipes take simplistic cleaning to another level.
This antibacterial all-purpose cleaner that smells incredible
This all-purpose spray smells absolutely divine. It's also a super effective cleaner and can be used across the entire house for a quicker and easier cleaning routine. If, like me, you're addicted to rhubarb this spray's a winner.
These waste-reducing food clips
For anyone who, like me, often opens snacks only to be unable to finish them, these clips are fantastic. I use them for everything, from half eaten packets of crisps to re-sealing my loaf of bread to keep it fresh for longer. Less food waste = less spending in the long run.
These skin-saving breakout pads
I've tried my fair share of acne products, but these salicylic acid, witch hazel and wasabi cleansing pads are a cut above. They're quick and easy to use, they don't cause sensitivity or flaring, and they're extremely effective, even when a breakout has left my skin in a total hell flare.
This soft scalp massaging brush
No one wants a dry, flaky scalp, but unfortunately dandruff is a super common problem. Enter, this scalp massaging brush. It gently exfoliates your scalp while also ensuring that your shampoo deeply penetrates your hair, and all without causing tangling.
This washing up liquid dispensing brush
For washing the dishes, this innovative refillable detergent dispensing brush is super handy. It makes washing up easier, reduces waste, and saves time.
These microfibre cleansing cloths that can be used without cleanser
If, like me, you suffer from sensitive skin these micro fibre makeup removing cloths, that work simply with warm water, are a great buy, removing even the toughest, long-wear and oil-based makeup.
This steamy microwave cleaner
One of my pet hates is a dirty microwave, which is why I am totally obsessed with this steamy gadget. Super easy to use, and ultra effective too, this cleaning tool is the one for easier and quicker microwave cleaning.
This cute clay bear is the perfect baking buddy
For softening and maintaining moisture in all your favourite baking goods - from brown sugar to dried fruit - this little bear is the answer. Simply soak it in water before placing with your baking ingredient of choice, and it will maintain moisture for between three to six months.
These acne culling patches
Put a stop to spot picking and squeezing, and instead pop one of these hydrocolloid acne patches on. As someone who suffers from hormonal breakouts, I can confirm that these fast-acting 'dots' are a life-saver, especially as you can apply makeup on top of them.
This menthol headache soothing stick
If, like me, you're part of the headache club and often find yourself suffering, this little stick is a total godsend. It's non-medical formula means you can apply it as and when you need it, swiping it across your forehead and temples for instant relief.
This super hydrating lip balm with SPF
I'm one of those people who are prone to dry, chapped lips. Of all the lip creams I've tried, this budget-friendly buy is the best by far. It doesn't sting chapped skin, soaks instantly in, and starts restoring lip health after just one application.

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