There's been a rising number of cases of women being spiked by injections in nightclubs and at house parties.
As final year students return to university, they reflect on lessons learned and parties missed.
One university was ordered to pay a student £5k for lost teaching time.
The twice-weekly tests will also be offered to adults working with schools, such as bus drivers and after school club leaders.
Trinity College denies Gregory Serapio-García faced discrimination – but he says it is a regular occurrence for minority ethnic students.
Those sitting the final year test say they were forced to urinate in their seats, with some disqualified for making notes.
Resits, advance notice of topics and more generous grades are meant to compensate for the interruption to education during the pandemic.
The plan to allow more than one million students return home amid the coronavirus second wave feels farfetched, say students.
There are no guarantees that the "travel window" put in place to help young people will be repeated at the start of next term.
The university has apologised for fencing students in after weeks of frustration over online lectures and Covid outbreaks on campus.