26 Clever Home Storage Solutions To Sort Even The Smallest Of Spaces

We know the adult in you is excited by a lid organiser (and every other storage hack you could need!)
Genius storage solutions
Genius storage solutions

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If you look at other people’s homes on Instagram – or in real life – and wonder where their mess is, rest assured it’s not that they necessarily own less stuff, they’re just probably more in the know when it comes to storage.

In this age of decluttering, there really are a wealth of storage solutions for every space, and even the smallest of homes can be helped with the hidden drawers, hooks and hacks we’ve rounded up for you here. Marie Kondo would approve!

These under-the-shelf baskets
A great way of providing extra storage in smaller spaces.
This handy corner shelf
For when you have more plates than people in your household – it'll allow you to stack them out of the way.
These self-adhesive utensil holders
They'll banish any clutter from your countertops.
This space-saving bottle holder
I predict you'll love this holder that slots seamlessly under your fridge shelf.
This suction caddy for your sink
You can store your kitchen sponge in this suction caddy. It allows the sponge to dry out properly after use to avoid any mould forming.
This wall-mounted holder
Tidy away your broom or mop with this adhesive holder that can be mounted to the wall.
This elegant towel rail
Add this to your basket if you're tired of your towels taking up space on your radiator.
This corner organiser for kids stuff
This corner organiser is ideal for storing any bath toys, whilst keeping them dry and mould-free!
This simple but sleek organiser
If your remote control is constantly getting lost in between seat cushions, then this adhesive holder is the perfect home.
These under-the-desk drawers
Okay, I love how useful these are – especially if your desk doesn't have much existing storage space!
These vacuum bags
These bags are a space saving dream, especially when it comes to storing away out of season clothes that usually leave your wardrobe overflowing.
This under-the-bed storage
Check out this under-the-bed storage box that's perfect for shoes, blankets, or bedding.
This adaptable shelf
This adjustable tension shelf will offer you another layer of storage in your wardrobe.
These shelf dividers
If, like me, you find that everything in your wardrobe ends up on top of each other, these shelf dividers will keep sections separated!
This tiered utensil organiser.
My cutlery drawer is always looking a little a chaotic, so I'll definitely be investing in this clever solution.
This under-the-shelf mug holder
Calling all fellow mug enthusiasts – this space-saving organiser will make your cupboard feel a lot less cluttered.
These bamboo egg holders.
I'm not yolking when I say these are a godsend for your fridge – and they look good too.
This trio of stylish jars
Store your cereal, rice, nuts, or baking ingredients in some containers that won't harm your aesthetic.
This standing pan collector
Bid farewell to the days of rifling through your entire kitchen cupboard trying to find that one pan thanks to this standing holder.
These inside door holders
"What about the pan lids" I hear you ask, well these adhesive holders can stick to the inside of a cupboard to house them safely.
This four-tiered cart
Add some extra storage to your living space with this slim four-tiered cart. It also has hooks on the side for added hanging!
This accessories hanger
Organise your ties and belts with this hanger that can store up to 20 pieces.
This nifty spice rack
Herbs and spices can be quite bulky, so check out this rack that won't compromise your space.
This tiered cupboard organiser
Speaking of nifty, this expandable tiered organiser means you can stack your tinned goods without your cupboard looking chaotic.
This multi-purpose storage basket
This basket can be used for cleaning products, storing carrier bags, or even – with a liner – as a kitchen waste bin.
This lid organiser, yes, really
You know you're a true adult when this one excites you!