With schools themselves admitting grades will not be fair, predictions hold the power to structurally limit equal access to opportunities, Dr Suriyah Bi writes.
Coronavirus lockdown means we are now running the risk of a whole generation 'failing to launch', Tristram Hooley writes.
The government has said students in England will be charged full tuition fees in September, even if campuses remain closed.
Strikes and Covid-19 have meant that some students have had just two full weeks of teaching since 27 January, writes Sabrina Miller.
Despite government advice to remain open amid the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of universities have moved lectures and exams online.
Exclusive: 11-clause bill would fine student unions for breaches and clarify wider rights
In this connected world, there are no barriers for parents and children keeping in touch with each other.
If you find yourself struggling, I can guarantee you’re not the only person in your year, your halls or probably even your flat feeling that way, Clea Skopeliti writes
"It’s outrageous that this should be the state of affairs in 2019."
Water vapour has been discovered in the atmosphere of another world by researchers at University College London. The ‘super-Earth’, named K2-18b, is 110 light years away – making it the only known planet outside of our solar system with conditions that could support life.