They're back - and depending on your view, they're cooler than ever/just as cool as they always were/slightly less cool than they were before.

We do, of course, mean Daft Punk. Celebrate the release of 'Random Access Memories' and the omnipresence of 'Get Lucky' with our 10 fun* facts about the French electronic pop duo...

*possibly untrue

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  • Daft Punk are two Frenchmen. Nobody knows who, exactly - but many believe it is Thierry Henry and Jean Reno.

  • The pair met at primary school, where they were the only two robots in their class.

  • There was originally a third member of the group - pictured here on the right. Or is it the left?

  • Before settling on the name Daft Punk, other monikers they considered were Silly Goth, Stupid Rocker and Bonkers Hip Hop Artist.

  • Without their helmets, Daft Punk protect their identity by wearing stupid glasses and hats. Here they are blending seamlessly into the Paris landscape.

  • Daft Punk's favourite movie is The Blues Brothers, on which they model all their outfits (apart from the helmets).

  • When not working as DJs, Daft Punk work as security men at Disney events.

  • Like the recipe for Coca Cola, nobody knows exactly how to replicate a Daft Punk helmet, despite numerous artists' impressions.

  • Daft Punk live together in a futuristic home just outside of Paris. Here they are rustling up an evening meal in their kitchen. Looks like something's burning, lads!

  • Their separate DJ names are 'That Bloke From Daft Punk' and 'The Other One From Daft Punk'. Here's 'That Bloke From Daft Punk'.

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