daft punk

The legendary French dance duo are responsible for hits like Get Lucky and One More Time.
Though he didn't exactly look amused.
All eyes were on Donald Trump’s signature hairdo on Friday as the US President observed Bastille Day celebrations in Paris
It comes as little surprise that the likes of Skrillex and Deadmau5 cite the French duo as their greatest influence. Discovery surely stands as one of electronic music's best, most influential records - and Harder Better Faster Stronger the album's most forward-thinking, innovative track.
We're afraid we may have to be the bearers of bad news.
Glastonbury may still be many months away, but that’s not about to stop music fans from speculating over who could be headlining
"Right. So drink up, get back upstairs and don't come down until there's at least two three-ways, some bi-curious exploration and a clever yet provocative pun for the title."
Paul and Stan are Cheers, an aspirant pair of DJs who hit the Parisian club scene at the same time as a little-known duo called Daft Punk. Their favoured genre is garage, which in Paul's words combines "the robotic aspect of electro with the warmth of soul."
Jay Z has relaunched his own artist-owned streaming service Tidal, with a little help from a number of pals, including Nicki
Band Aid 30 may have topped the UK Singles Chart - and raised millions of pounds for charity in the process - however, it