The Glastonbury Festival comedown has officially started - and that's just for those of us who stayed at home watching it on the BBC iPlayer.

But what about those lucky/poor* souls who actually went to Worthy Farm this year? They're back and walking among us... and here are 10 ways to spot them:

*delete as applicable

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  • 1. They're still wearing their wristband

  • 2. They've got strappy vest sunburn marks

  • 3. They've got a new boyfriend/girlfriend

  • 4. They've broken up with their boyfriend/girlfriend

  • 5. They love a band they'd never heard of a week ago

  • 6. They look like they haven't slept for three days

  • 7. They've got a bit of tomato on them

  • 8. They're not back at work yet

  • 9. They're still high (on life)

  • 10. They won't bloody shut up about it