Thatcher Merchandise On Sale At Conservative Party Conference (PICTURES)

30/09/2013 14:48

She may be no longer with us, but Margaret Thatcher is still looming large over the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

Iron Lady fans (and there are quite a few at Manchester Central right now) can bring back the memories by settling down for a cup of tea with their Maggie mug, or impress fellow gym-goers with a T-shirt adorned with one of her most famous quotes.

Our reporter snapped a selection of the goodies on offer in the conference centre, as well as some rather less respectful features aimed at Ed Miliband.

  • 1 Beer
    At least there's no queue at the bar
  • 2 Bib
    What self-respecting baby would be seen without one of these?
  • 3 Cufflinks
    Or are they earrings?
  • 4 We're not sure what these are...
  • 5 ...or this...
  • 6 The Red Ed Lion
    Would you drink here?
  • 7 T Shirts
    Wear this to the gym
  • 8 Mug
    Have a cuppa with 'Our Maggie'
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