margaret thatcher

Footage of the Queen hobnobbing and cracking jokes almost 30 years ago is quite the watch.
Tory insiders tell HuffPost UK what to expect from the "relaxed" and pragmatic old Etonian and first elected Black secretary of state.
Tory Eurosceptics say Margaret Thatcher would be "deeply proud" but Labour berate deal's "lack of ambition".
The prime minister’s leadership has been marred by U-turns, blunders and rebellions.
Things were apparently just as chaotic off-screen while they were filming the scene.
"The more familiar a period is to the audience, the greater the pressure to get it right."
"Look at the secret surprise of the Margaret Thatcher… situation," the diva remarked.
It's been called reality "hijacked as propaganda", but there are kernels of truth in the Netflix series.
Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher both debut in the new series, making the Netflix show feel more politically charged, and more relatable, than ever.