Margaret Thatcher

"Look at the secret surprise of the Margaret Thatcher… situation," the diva remarked.
It's been called reality "hijacked as propaganda", but there are kernels of truth in the Netflix series.
Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher both debut in the new series, making the Netflix show feel more politically charged, and more relatable, than ever.
Critics have branded the new series "captivating" "beautiful" and "the classiest soap opera ever".
The Sex Education star had to park her own beliefs to portray the Iron Lady in the upcoming fourth series.
The Sex Education star is joining Netflix's royal drama as Margaret Thatcher.
Boris Johnson's top choice for the role cited "personal reasons", according to reports.
Emma Corrin will also make her debut as Princess Diana in the fourth season of the Netflix drama.
Labour attacks the "farce" of the government's changing legal opinion on the row.