WATCH: Rebecca Black Has A New Music Video Called 'Saturday'. Here's What Happens In It

09/12/2013 14:46 | Updated 09 December 2013
  • A clock reads 2:00. For clarity, Rebecca lyrically informs us that this is 2pm, not am.
  • Rebecca says that her memories of the night before are "all so hazy".
  • Wait - has she been drinking? But she's only 16!
  • No matter. Rebecca and her posse head out in the car to....
  • ..the beach! Where all self-respecting teenagers sit on skateboards...
  • ...and rocks.
  • And paddle in the sea.
  • Rebecca calls a friend...
  • ..who says he'll be with her just as soon as he finds his pants. We don't think he's looked very hard.
  • He joins Rebecca and her friends, who do this a lot.
  • And this.
  • And this.
  • (They are in no way annoying.)
  • But enough of the beach! It's evening now, so they set off in their car again to...
  • ...a house party! Where Rebecca wears shades indoors. At night.
  • Even her friends are horrified by this.
  • So she takes them off.
  • Her friends are relieved.
  • House party antics ensues. People dance with their hands on their chest...
  • Throw foam at each other...
  • And pull faces you want to slap.
  • (Rebecca, meanwhile, rides a toy dinosaur.)
  • The party guests also play poker. Yes, these teenagers are gambling as well as drinking!
  • Rebecca interrupts proceedings to plug her last single with the line "Yesterday was Friday".
  • An extra bearing a vague resemblance to Miley Cyrus is drafted in for an obligatory twerking reference.
  • And the antics continue. With a blow-up doll...
  • Someone dancing in a shirt (and sunglasses) like this...
  • People taking selfies...
  • And more selfies...
  • And behaving like this...


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