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Holden Nowell doesn’t want to be known as Carly Rae Jepsen’s handyman crush.
From Jim Crow to Gwara Gwara, there are a lot of references you might’ve missed.
The video was released on YouTube shortly before the show.
Come for Tessa Thompson crawling through Monáe’s legs. Stay for the girl power anthem.
There’s a scene of Swift bathing in diamonds, which some have speculated is a reference to a comment she made in a 2015 interview
OK Go is renowned for incredible music videos - in the past we’ve been treated to out-of-this world zero gravity and mind
Is not fame the giving and taking away of faces? Celebrities are defaced and labelled by the media and the public on a daily basis: we've all criticised at least one celebrity for their actions and choices.
Pleated Jeans do their usual end-of-year honours and bring us the best lyrics you think you heard in 2014. From Taylor Swift
"Never lose a fantasy football bet," writes Chuck Jose of San Franciso, "or else you will create a shot for shot, homemade