40 Too-Real Tweets About Children Playing Musical Instruments

"My wife’s upset at me I’m going to cheer her up and ask 9YO to play hot cross buns on the recorder"

If your parenting goal is to raise a little Renaissance Person, you’ll need to make sure your child receives a well-rounded arts education, including learning how to play a musical instrument.

This means they will be practicing, potentially every day. In your home. And while we live in an age where it’s possible for a person to play an electronic keyboard for their ears only using a pair of headphones, this sanity-saving technology has yet to be extended to other common childhood instruments like violins, trumpets and that shrieking rite of passage: the recorder.

Here, some of the funniest parents on X (formerly Twitter) describe all-too-aptly what it’s like to parent through the cacophony.